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Free Download Kronan - Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Kronan - Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Free Download Kronan - Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Information about Kronan Responsive PrestaShop Theme for PrestaShop

Kronan is the first theme for PrestaShop at ThemeForest with support of Shortcodes!

Kronan is a PrestaShop 1.5.X 1.6.X template developed by Prestaworks (Certified PrestaShop partner).

A short and sweet responsive theme for a multitude of shops. Fashion, electronics or even toys and memorabilia will all have a great presentation using this theme. This combined with the PW Designer module ensures you can have the shop looking just the way you want.

Everything you need and everything you dont. Kronan is a simple yet powerful Prestashop theme with a minimalistic approach to aid the user in focusing on whats important: A good and solid shopping experience.


Here are some screenshots on our special modules DJ Shortcode and PW Designer
  • DJ Shortcodes (See all the possible shortcodes you can use!)
  • PW Designer (Tab: General)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Fonts)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Colors)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Backgrounds)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Right column)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Patterns)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Content)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Social widgets)
  • PW Designer (Tab: Custom overrides)


  • Prestashop 1.5.X 1.6.X
  • All major browsers (IE8,IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and mobile/smart devices


2015.03.04 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improvment: JS Clean upImprovment: Tested with PrestaShop and
2014.12.01 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Bug fix: Fixed a bug with blockcategories in the footer on mobile devicesBug fix: Fixed a bug where a JS variable would be wrongly undefinedBug fix: Fixed a bug where the images for PW Extended Homefeatured would not be hidden on mobile devices
2014.10.07 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improvment: Updated ObjectModel for DJ Shortcodes to PS Changed class names for extended home featured module to avoid ad blocker from blocking
2014.07.29 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improvment: Cleaned up bunch of codeBug fix: Small bug in blocktopmenu sorted outBug fix: Bug with Javascript causing the theme work proper
2014.07.10 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Bug fix: Solved issue in pw.js for homefeatured products
2014.06.19 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improvment: A better solution for the ad images on the PW Extended Homefeatured moduleBug fix: Fixed a bug where product prices would return as 0Bug fix: Fixed a bug with the blocklayered moduleBug fix: Fixed a bug with the check- and radiobuttonsBug fix: Fixed a bug with the zoom script on product pagesBug fix: Fixed a bug with the blocksearch module in IE9 and upBug fix: Fixed a bug with the PW Tabs Frontpage module
2014.04.17 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improvment: New override for ObjectModel.php (DJ Shortcode) to PrestaShop fix: Minor problems in product.js and pw.js causing price reseting to zero when having attributes applied to product (combinations)Bug fix: Cleaned up code in several module JS (blockcart and blocklayered)Bug fix: CSS issue with radio buttons in combination with attributesBug fix: Error in blocspecials, tried to find a image that doesn't exist
2014.04.15 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Bug fix: DJ Shortcode issues with JavaScript was fixedBug fix: Minor CSS fixes for product boxes on front page and category page with borders
2014.04.10 (Improvments and bug fixes for Kronan to PrestaShop 1.6 only)
Improved: Fixed default data when installing pwdesigner moduleBug fix: States in checkout and my accountBug fix: Compare issue in 1.6 fixed
New: Theme updated for PrestaShop 1.6.X(!)New: Added support for sticky menuNew: Built-in mega menuNew: Built-in quick viewNew: Built-in pop-up after add-to-cartNew: Color attribute on product images (categories)
Improved: Added new break point for tablet portraitBug fix: Removed height from product list when not catalog mode
Bug fix: Currency and language drop-down in catalog mode fixed
Improved: Re-named the slider to homeslider_pwBug fix: Changed script for homeslider, slider caused a conflict with Safari browser
Improved: Manufacturer and supplier listsBug fix: Facebook language in footerBug fix: Tax problem in search drop downBug fix: Compare checkbox in FirefoxBug fix: Product images in block cartBug fix: Added height to products in homefeatured, extendedhomefeatured and product list if buttons inactivated
New: Added support for advertise images on pwextendedhomefeaturedImproved: Added support for latin extended, cyrillic, greek and viatnamese for fonts in pwdesigner moduleBug fix: Cleaned up code in PW DesignerBug fix: Cleaned up code in DJ Shortcodes
New: Added support for magnifying glass on product page imagesNew: Added social plugins for Twitter and Facebook in footerNew: Added support to disable product carousel on front pageNew: Possibility to disable some of the products-tags like Out of stock, Available etc.Improved: Product image classes for multi store managmentImproved: Added support for background on active links in horisontal menuImproved: Added "add-to-cart"-button on crossselling & productscategory products on product pageImproved: Added support for box-shadow possibilities in PW Designer moduleBug fix (Major): PW Designer override files (recomend to patch the override files for correct version of PrestaShop manually, included in the new package (djshortcodes/override_files/)Bug fix: CSS fix for images in category descriptionBug fix: CSS fix for block cart drop down (z-index)Bug fix: Added correct tax for product price in instant search (if tax is enabled)Bug fix: CSS fix for DJ Shortcode (columns)
New: Added support for Google Rich SnippetsNew: Added support for swipe on products at frontpage for smart devicesNew: Added image and price on instant searchImproved: Added support for blocklanguage & blockcurrencies in responsive modeImproved: Changed drop-down function for blocklanguage & blockcurrencies in default and responsive mode, also added down arrow for blocklanguage if more than one (1) language is activeBug fix: PW Designer moduleBug fix: Reinsurance block (PW)Bug fix: Homefeatured and Extended homefeatured CSS conflictBug fix: Translation bug in pwextendedhomefeatured and homefeatured moduleBug fix: Minor CSS bug for products out of stock in product-listBug fix: Cleared up some scripts in pw.jsBug fix: Added code for CSS in PW Designer (pwdesigner.php)Bug fix: Solved issue with radio buttons for carriers if more than 1Bug fix: Solved issue with radiobuttons and checkboxes
Multi store: Added support for multi store image classesBug fix: Language bug in extended homefeatured moduleBug fix: Out of stock products broked linesImproved: "On sale"-tags on produt list and product pagesImproved: Price in blockcart drop-down, added more widthImproved: Category without image description (text) improvedImproved: Quantity discount on product pageMinor CSS bug fix
Improved: Added support to inactivate slider in responsive modeImproved: CSS-modifications to mailalerts if products is out of stock (see example here)Minor CSS bug fix


  • The Kronan theme can easy be installed trough the standard Prestashop module Theme installator.
  • Kronan install manual included in the package.


Do you have questions or other informations regarding the Kronan theme? Dont hesitate to ask your question under the Comments tab at the top of this page.

Created 19 January 14
Last Update 4 March 15
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Software Version PrestaShop 1.6.0.x, PrestaShop 1.5.6, PrestaShop 1.5.5, PrestaShop 1.5.4, PrestaShop 1.5.3, PrestaShop 1.5.2, PrestaShop 1.5.1, PrestaShop 1.5.0, PrestaShop 1.5.x
ThemeForest Files Included PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
Documentation Well Documented
Tags fashion, kronan, modern

Preview/Demo Link : Link

Download Link : Link

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