Saturday, October 1, 2016

World Truck Ball unlimted resources

World Truck Ball

World Truck Ball unlimted resources
Who is going to make the best goal in World Truck Ball 2014? Is it gonna be YOU or Messi?
With World Truck Ball 2014 it might be you. All your goals are recorded and replayed.

Fouls don't get to stop the game or to be punished. Fouls are in fact encouraged!  Hit your opponent to tackle, hit them to goal, hit them to stop'em. Hit them harder to get higher point. It is all fair, you can be hit too. So stay away from those monster trucks when you have the ball with you.

There are 32 teams with different powers. Teams are powered based on their real world results. This might give you an idea of the powerful teams ;)

There are two games modes the "Magneto Cup" and the "Real Cup". In the Magneto Cup mode the ball is sticky and trucks can kick the ball or their opponents (this is the fun part). In Real Cup you can neither kick the ball nor the ball is sticky.

So Magneto Cup is the one to start with. The Real Cup is a deal for masters.

Good luck!
Enjoy it!

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