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just prepare 4-5 important lines.Page 139: list of various cattle breedsPage 141: on how to improve livestockPage 153-154: inland fisheries potential of MP. MPPSC AE Syllabus 2016 along with exam pattern, exam date, old question paper, study material, previous year paper, pdf file is now available to download at

Geography Natural Resources of Madhya Pradesh Mineral Wealth.

The following Interview question answers is based on the Previously asked question in interviews 2015-2016.

The member of a State Public Service Commission can be removed on the ground of misbehavior only after an enquiry has been conducted by the. Who among the following released “Citizens guide to fight corruption” ?.

Rajasthan PSC (RAS Pre Examination) Study Materials for General Studies Available.

MPPSC Optional Subject Previous Year Question Papers. Share this:TweetMore Related. The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is an authorized organization under state government of Madhya Pradesh.

For more details regarding MPPSC AE Syllabus 2016 visit the official website.. 12 Commerce & Accountancy.

Candidates will get selected through test and interview for this recruitment. Candidates will get shortlisted for the interview after the exam

. 497: Functions of Labour commissioner499: Major schemes for labour welfare..

previous year viteee papers previous year xat papers download.. 26 Sanskrit literature. Perry Mason Ian Fleming Wode House Agatha Christie

Numbers of reserve and total seats of constituencies for Parliament from M.P.32009
Citizen’s rights according to Articles 14 and 15 of Indian Constitution32009
National Minorities Commission32009
Appropriation Bill32009(sp.)
Limitations of Multi-Party System32009(sp.)
Overseas Citizen of India-Card32009(sp.)
Right to Education32009(sp.)
C A.G32009(sp.)
Sri Krishna Commission Report32010
Difference between JPC and PAC32010(sp)
Right to Information, 200532010(sp)
Tender vote32010(sp)
Lokpal Bill32010(sp)
Appointment and removal procedure of Ministers in Federal Government of India32010(sp)
Rights of citizens according to Section 19 of Indian Constitution?32010(sp)
Fundamental Right to Education32010(sp)
Internal Emergency (1975)32010(sp)
Main features of Anti-defection Act32010(sp)
what is the common point in article 14 and 226 of Indian Constitution32008
Second Administrative Reforms Commission102009
Judicial Activism102009(sp.)
Impeachment Process102010
Role of Comptroller and Auditor General of India.102010(sp)
Role of opposition in Indian Democracy.102010(sp)
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court of India102010(sp)
historical background of the Constitution102008
73rd Amendment in Indian Constitution.152009(sp.)
Main Provisions of Food Security Bill152010
Constitutional Duties152010
Effectiveness of National Women Commission152010(sp)
Independence of judiciary.152010(sp)
Powers and functions of Governor202009
What is ‘Public Interest Litigation’? Suggest corrective measures to improve its effectiveness.202009(sp.)
Importance of Article 21 (Right to Life) in Indian Constitution202010(sp)
Define the Judicial activism in Indian context and explain it in detail.602009
Comment critically on the powers, functions and role of Indian Prime Minister.602010(sp)
What we know about the Right to information act? How far is the fact able to control the corruption?602008
.  All Applicants, who have successfully applied for this recruitment now they are searching MPPSC assistant Professor exam pattern and MPPSC assistant Professor exam syllabus 2016.

(Big names meaning those fighters for whom more than 5 lines are given). For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?.

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