Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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AIEEE Question Papers includes papers of Allen Career Institute AIEEE Question Papers and Solution Brilliant Tutorials 2008 AIEEE Question Paper & Solution (Hindi Version) Career Point 2008 AIEEE Question Paper & Solution Career Point 2008 AIEEE Question Paper & Solution (Hindi Version) Career Point 2008 AIEEE Solution FIIT JEE 2008 AIEEE Question Paper & Solution (Hindi Version) Narayana 2008 AIEEE Question Paper & Solution (Hindi Version) T.I.M.E.

AIEEE 2003 Question Paper. aieee-math-2010 preparation materials Her father told me very angry. The cutoff marks for 2016 vary category wise. JEE paper analysis for Offline exam – April 4.

You are most welcome with your specific query and question. Otherwise your mindset for next day will not be in place.Never cram.

Click to view/download the question papers for the offline JEE Main exam of 2014!. ANSWER KEY TWT ZOOLOGY (NTPJC MEDICAL) DT. Karnataka (except the govt colleges), do get in touch with us admissions done.

educations please feel free to contact us 08055571434.

Synchronising preparation for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and Board exams. Entrance examination would consist of two papers i.e. i need question papers of AIEEE with solution of last 10 years. Tips & tricks for AIEEE paper to get high score.

Candidates who had written the exam are searching for the answer key so that they can predict the marks and estimate the results. Also check out Examrace YouTube Channel for hundreds of free tution videos

  • Stay focussed and maintain  a positive attitude
  • Develop speed. Refer to reputed mock-test series to build a winning exam temperament. Solve the past year’s IIT-JEE papers. Focus on your weak areas and improve upon your concepts.
  • Practise of JEE level questions is necessary as it improves your reasoning and analytical ability.
  • Remember it is quality of time spent and not the quantity alone. Hence give short breaks of 5 to ten minutes after every one or two hours of serious study. Completely relax when you take a break. Practice meditation to develop inner calm, poise, confidence and power of concentration. These matter a lot on the day of examination.
  • Don’t overstress yourself. Five to six hours of sleep every night is a must, especially three-four days before IIT-JEE to keep you physically and mentally fit. While short naps may help to regain freshness, avoid over-sleeping during the day.
  • o Finally, don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts. Put your best analytical mind to work, and believe in your preparation.
. You must practise a good number of problems in each subject, develop a very good speed in problem solving and be accurate in calculations and marking OMR.. JEE Main 2014 Offline Exam Question Paper Code ‘E’.

So if you attempt 90 questions and take on an average 7 seconds to mark the responses, the total time consumed is = 7 x 90 = 630 seconds = 10.5 minutes


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