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OPSC Junior Lecturers (Physics) question paper

An airless, waterless stone and the prophetic image of our own earth when, some few million years from now, the senescent sun shall have lost its present fostering power. (viii) I vowed to …………… myself for the death of my cousin..

It will also help you to increase your knowledge in every field. Refer the following table for complete information regarding OPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Exam Pattern..

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sudraka , probably kalidasa’s approximate contemporary , has left only one play “the little clay cart” (Mricchakatika). It is on the playing fields that the virtue of playing the game for its own sake and the team spirit can be cultivated.

20 of 2013-14 Recommendation Notice in connection with Recruitment to the Post of Lecturer in Physics in O.T.E

SI.NOName of the PostEssential Educational Qualifications
(1)Junior Lecturers in various
A second class P.G. Degree in (M.A. or M.Sc., or M.Com., OR
B.A.(Hons.) or B.Sc. (Hons.) or B.Com. (Hons.) in the relevant
subject / language with a minimum of 50% marks in P.G.
Degree Examination as recognised by the U.G.C.
(2)Junior Lecturers in CIVICS
subject only
A second class P.G. Degree in Politics or Political Science or
Public Administration with a minimum of 50% marks or its
equivalent as recognised by the U.G.C.

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When we read how in the West, for example, begging has become a crime coming under the vagrancy acts of Parliaments and when we know that in some countries people are warned that “Those who do not work, neither shall they eat”, we begin to think how depressing is the situation in India. In what way is it comparable to the period of the 8th to the 4th millenniums B.C.?.

For appearing in this examination age limit is 21 to 30 years. OPSC Syllabus For Junior Lecturer.

The pattern of questions would be as follows :. There is in fact a good case for seeing nations as ‘imagined communities’, and such would be the view of some commentators..

E-mail : opsc[at] (vii) The programme of rehabilitation is …………………. (b) How can a person avoid envy and jealousy?


It is there in their blood and bones, in the breath of their speech, in the lights and shades of their speech, in the lights and shades of their personalities, a mystery that can be lived but no spoken in words.. WARNING: (1) ONLINE APPLICATION FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE TILL 27.08.2013 BY 11:59 P.M.

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