Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TOEFL® reading test 1: free practice exercises from Exam English

The place was scented and it seemed like the scent of victory to me.

There is no mention in the passage that bombardment of.   In This Link You Will Find an Audio File. Select the correct usage of the comma:.

B more than the population Canada. Topic 18 Important qualities of a good supervisor 67.

the passage, so (B) is an incorrect choice


participle` recalling` which implies that the interview took place in the past. television broadcast 106.

(C) The question asks, "How does the man feel about his qualifications?".

says, "I hope my interviewers feel that way." The focus of the whole.

Section II: Reading Test.

Credit: Cracking the Toefl Ibt by Princeton Review


The Reading section consists of several reading passages with a set of questions based on each passage.

When the time finishes the reading text disappears. HE SCORED 107 AT ONE SITTING(AFTER GOING THROUGH OUR ORIENTATION AND COUNSELLING).

Before you answer the question, read each passage. mind for the word, implying that the way adelantados "advanced" the Spanish. Topic 65 Should a city preserve or destroy its historic buildings? 189.

Therefore, one of the lowest scores students can receive is for missing the topic


Video introduction to this chapter of your TOEFL book:




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